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2. Methods of Analysis.

The arithmetical means, M and MM in my abbreviations, in all the cases have been tabulated and these data have been later elaborated by the method of interserial differences according to Dr. Molisson [6] and Prof. Y. W. Czekanowsky [7] combined by me [8] in a method which provides the means of the differences between MM of the series and simplifies the calculation of the coefficient of interserial differences. Since this method disclosed the fact that the Chinese are not homogeneous, I calculated the coefficients of correlation for the different measurements which had shown the significant differences of MM between the Chinese and those of the other series.

Besides this I have worked out for some measurements the following- calculations, (1) standard deviation, (2) coefficient of variation and (3) probable errors of MM.

The method of correlation has helped me to discover the influence of the different anthropological types on the formation of the present Northern Chinese-and to elucidate the results of the application of the method of interserial differences.

Though the number of observations, which for brevity I shall indicate as N, in my series is not quite sufficient for any final conclusion as to the components, of the present Chinese, nevertheless, I have analysed all my materials with a view to finding new clues for further investigations; and I have attempted to apply new methods to this analysis of the Chinese series. The question of the necessary value of N which might warrant all the calculations is not yet resolved and this study, it may be, will offer new data relative to this problem. At the same time this study would close the hiatus of our knowledge on the anthropology of Northern China.

6. Korrespondenz-Blatt der Deutsch. Gesel. fuer Anthrop. Ethn. und Uhrgeschichte. No. 6/7. 1909, and No. 9/12, 1910.

7. Y. W. Czekanowsky «Zarys metod statisticznych wzastowaniu do antropologii,» (In Polish). Warszawa, 1913.

8. The formula and explanation of this method were published in my work «The Problems of Anthropology in Siberia.» (In Russian). Petrograd. 1915.

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